The modern age and new technologies brought a breath of fresh air to the sphere of work. Previously, providing an employee with a desk and a computer was all it took. Nowadays, the office space is increasingly more adapted to the needs of people utilizing it on a daily basis in order to evoke the feelings of optimism, wellbeing and belonging, motivate the employees and improve business results.

New office space organization and design trends can most often be seen in premises of IT companies. However, even more formal structures around the globe, such as banks, are increasingly looking into the mentioned trends. Instead of traditional offices, the employees can now utilize interconnected work zones that cater to different work methodologies and approaches and allow employees to choose between group and individual work depending on their needs and circumstances. Moreover, nowadays, many jobs include a significant fieldwork portion, making it unnecessary for each employee to have a desk. In such cases, informal “plug and play” work zones are set up, thus reducing the leased area size and increasing employee productivity due to the mentioned diversity of premises and content.

A testament to the fact that we are keeping up with the rest of the world is the construction of a unique modern A-class office building Business Garden in downtown Belgrade that will allow its tenants to implement the newest global interior organization and design trends, thus creating a work environment that is conducive to productivity and employee motivation. As seen in acclaimed companies around the world, this new project by the renowned Israeli developers “AFI Europe” and “Shikun & Binui Group” will offer top-notch working conditions with adherence to the highest standards, flexibility and possibility to adapt the office space to the professional needs of its tenants, as well as underground parking for employees at a prestigious downtown location.

The exclusive leasing representative for this unique office building located at the corner of Starine Novaka and Kneza Danila streets is the leading real estate consultancy in Serbia CBS International, a part of the Cushman & Wakefield group.