Large global companies, especially the ones in the field of information technologies, communications and alike, pay special attention to their working environment and have high criteria that must be met when choosing the office space for their business operations.

Guided by the idea that employees need to take breaks in order to return to their tasks feeling increasingly productive and energized, more than half of available office space is generally set aside for relaxation purposes in such companies, while the rest is adapted to work-related activities. In order to make the employees feel as good as possible, they have chill-out rooms, fully equipped kitchens, dayrooms and playrooms at their disposal. For years now, this kind of concept has been successfully implemented in numerous global companies, such as Google.

Another important feature when picking an adequate office space is energy efficiency. Modern companies seek to establish their headquarters in “green buildings” that save energy, reduce operating costs and positively impact employees’ health, productivity and motivation levels.

A testament to the fact that we are not far behind the world trends is a unique modern office building Business Garden, located in downtown Belgrade. New office building represents yet another successful project by Israeli companies “AFI Europe” and “Shikun & Binui Group”. Alongside extensive office space flexibility catering to all tenants’ operations and needs, as well as underground parking space for employees, Business Garden will be one of the very few LEED-certified buildings that will seamlessly meet the needs of contemporary IT and other companies caring about the working environment and professional needs of their employees.

The exclusive leasing representative for this unique office building located at the corner of Starine Novaka and Kneza Danila streets is the leading real estate consultancy in Serbia CBS International, part of the Cushman & Wakefield group.